Primaris Employees Page

All users now log into O365 with the username MS O365 FAQs are on the Solutions Page.   O365 Training is still available. Log into the browser O365 here.  Access Sharepoint, Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery and docs that were in “Public Folders” here.  The FAQ page has answers for several problems.

Use this link to Join the All Staff Meeting.

Those MondayMorningInstructions.pdf may still be useful on a PC that hasn’t been used in a while.  Most users no longer need the VDI, as planned.  For those who must, new VDI “pools” are available with O365 in the name and on the workstation.  You will neet to follow the FixVDIOutlook instructions to get your email in Outlook O365 the VDI.   

Create a new support ticket w/o email. Email to still creates a ticket, but this link gives you more fields to specify your request. Want to check on your ticket?

Paychex Timesheet – Per Primaris policy this must be completed no later than 11:00 a.m Central Standard Time for the preceding day.

Primaris Holdings Client ID: 12057812

Primaris Foundation Client ID: 12057813

Time sheet entry instructions:  Employees      Supervisors      Mobile

Supervisors: Reviewing & Approving Time Sheets

Paychex Flex – View your pay stubs, tax documents, update your phone, address and HR info here.
NOTE: Separate website from time sheet system so separate registration required. Click HERE for instruction.

Human Resources Information (i.e. health insurance, 401(k), etc.)

Access the Relias Learning Management System for training.

New Primaris Web Mail – Access to our email system and other O365 apps. You now log in there with your actual email address. 

Old Primaris Web Mail – Access to our old email system only to check your calendar. **NOTE: When accessing the old web mail you MUST put primaris\ in front of your username.**

Permanent staff must be connected to our network via the VDI or VPN to Read Policies and Procedures. The old CWI Policies are read here.  The new Learning Management System is here.

All Users have to take the Cyber Awareness Challenge test annually. See this Cyber Security Challenge page for more information.

Use MailExpress to send secure attachments and get replies. An excellent alternative to faxing. As an employee you log into Internal.  Replies and read receipts come back to the old email system.  Instructions

We use TeamViewer to view your screen after you read us your 9 or digit ID and pw. Download the program here at

PC Inventory is hereCitrix Workspace App Web v 1903

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) provides access to Primaris network applications. For best results Download the VMWare Horizon Client for your PC from the VMWare Download Website and use the server