CWI Programs Install

Download the PrimarisInstall.exe via this link.

The Edge browser is designed to keep your PC safe, so there are some safeguards we have to deal with in the installation of other programs. When the download completes, Edge prompts you to Delete click … Keep

Then, at Show More v (click the down arrow)

and Keep Anyway

Open Downloads Folder

Double-click on PrimarisInstaller

More Info

Run Anyway


Do you want to install these programs?  Click Yes

Once Chrome is installed, it will open and suggest that you install a Chrome plug-in that will enable Chrome to log into from your secure laptop. Please install that. 

If Office takes a really long time to download & fails to install, you can start it anew in the C:\Tech folder by clicking on OfficeSetup.  Optionally, you can access with a browser and Install Office from there.