New Hire On Boarding

Congrats on the job offer!  Please follow the steps below exactly to complete all of the Primaris new hire paperwork.  Also, please keep an eye on your inbox for an email from our on boarding website as there are a few forms you will need to complete via that email as well.  NOTE:  The on boarding email will come from but will show as from  Be sure to check your junk mailbox if it doesn’t appear in your inbox.

Step 1: Primaris Background Check Release Form

You can fax the completed form back to HR at 573-514-8770 or you can email it back to ONLY if you have a means of encrypting the email.  DO NOT email without encrypting as this form contains your PERSONAL INFORMATION.

NOTE:  Gmail and Yahoo email accounts automatically encrypt all outgoing emails.

Step 2: Federal I-9 Form

In-House Staff:  If you will be reporting to the main office in Columbia, MO, just be sure to complete the electronic I-9 via the on boarding email from Paychex and bring your verification documents with you on your first day.

Remote Staff:  Since you are not within driving range of the office for us to verify your documents, we must rely on notaries to help with this verification process.  Click the link above to download an I-9 form with Primaris’ information already entered in Section 2 and follow the steps below EXACTLY as this form is a federally required document and must be completed timely and correctly.  NOTE: You will have to complete Section 1 of the electronic version as well in order to complete the on boarding process.

IMPORTANT:  This form must be completed and processed by our office no later than the 3rd day of your employment or else you will not be able to work past the 3rd day.

  1. YOU:  Complete ALL of Section 1.  Click HERE for the I-9 form.  Click HERE for an I-9 completion guide.
  2. YOU:  Take your I-9 and non-expired verification documents (acceptable docs listed on page 3 of I-9) with you to a local notary public (usually found at banks, UPS stores, career centers or even a former employer HR person) to verify and complete Section 2.
  3. The NOTARY will act as an Authorized Representative of Primaris to complete Section 2.  HERE is a letter that you can  print and hand to the notary that explains the I-9 process and why we need their assistance.   If you have issues finding a notary who is willing to do this, or if they have any questions, please contact us and we will assist.
  4. Primaris policy requires us to keep copies of the verification documents on file with your I-9.  Please have the notary (or you) make color copies of the front AND back of each verification document used to complete Section 2 OR you can scan them directly to us via a secure email (i.e., Gmail or Yahoo mail).
  5. To avoid any delays in processing your I-9, please fax or scan the completed I-9 form and your verification documents to us at 573-514-8770 or humanresources@primaris.orgREMINDER: Be sure to encrypt if emailing documents back to us (see previous note regarding Gmail and Yahoo email accounts).
  6. Last step:  MAIL the original I-9 form along with color copies of the front and back of your verification documents, to the address below. You do not have to make copies of your verification documents if you scanned them directly to us.

Primaris Holdings, Inc.
ATTN: Human Resources
4215 Philips Farm Rd., Suite 101-A
Columbia, MO  65201

**If any corrections need to be made to the form by you or the notary, please put a line through the error and write the correct information next to it.  We cannot accept any forms that have white-out or correction tape on them.**

Step 3: Cyber Security Training

Click HERE for instruction on completing this step.  IMPORTANT: This training MUST be completed before we can grant you access to the Primaris network.

Please complete and return/submit all new hire forms as soon as possible.  Don’t hesitate to contact Human Resources if you have any questions.

Carlene Johnson, HR Director: or 573-817-8300 ext. 201


Timesheet Training